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PAC 1 and NECD Neighborhood Growing Active Energy Group

A growing number of Northeast Central Durham residents (which includes PAC 1) are helping to develop an active neighborhood energy efficiency group. Each event that Clean Energy Durham sponsors has enthusiastic NECD volunteers interested in learning simple low cost and no cost ways to save energy. Three NECD residents have graduated from the Clean Energy Durham Super Trainer class in May and are eligible to teach the CED hands-on workshop and are anxiously waiting to help other NECD residents learn easy energy saving tips.

In addition to the Super Trainer graduates, the East Durham neighborhood is one of eleven neighborhoods, and the only NECD neighborhood, to be selected to participate in the Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program (NERP). Email if you want to know how you can host a workshop with one of the NECD Super Trainers or email if you want to learn more about the NERP program.

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Ten New Super Trainer Volunteers!

Super Trainer graduates and their instructors. Pictured from left to right are John Dagenhart, David Charters, Tom Higgins, David Hurley, Kathy Malloy, Diana Deal, Tiffany Elder, Jim Wisner, Diana Peronis, Sherry Taylor Lewis, and Lester Smith. Not pictured: Angela Smith.

Ten new Super Trainers graduated on May 26th, after successfully completing 15 hours of training in how to teach Clean Energy Durham’s in-home, hands-on workshops for neighborhood groups. The ten new Super Trainers are volunteers who have each committed to teaching 12 neighborhood workshops over the next year. Trained by Clean Energy Durham Energy Education Director Tom Higgins and experienced Super Trainer Diana Peronis, the ten new Super Trainers were excited about spreading their knowledge throughout Durham neighborhoods.

Funding for this training class was provided by the Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation and the County of Durham Results-Based Accountability Mini-Grant program.

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Welcome Super Trainer trainees!

Super Trainers gather in downtown Durham to learn about electricity metering.

Why was a cluster of people gathered around an electricity meter on Main Street last Wednesday evening? They were volunteers being trained by Clean Energy Durham in how to conduct neighborhood workshops on saving household energy. The class of 10 volunteers was learning how to use a PowerCost monitor to measure electricity use, as demonstrated by Clean Energy Durham’s Energy Education Director, Tom Higgins. The volunteers are taking 15 hours of training in order to become Clean Energy Durham “Super Trainers,” who in turn train others. Super Trainer volunteer Diana Peronis is teaching the class alongside Higgins, and the class will wrap up in May. The Super Trainer trainees come from neighborhoods throughout Durham and will increase the breadth and speed of spreading energy education throughout Durham neighborhoods. Trainees include David Charters, John Dagenhart, Diana Deal, Tiffany Elder, David Hurley, Kathy Malloy, Angela Smith, Lester Smith, Sherry Taylor Lewis, and Jim Wisner.

Welcome new class! Thanks for your commitment to the Durham community!

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Woodcroft’s First Clean Energy Forward Workshop

Super Trainer Diana talks to Woodcroft neighbors about energy efficient clothes drying. Photo by Jesse Lamarre-Vincent.

Woodcroft’s new neighborhood energy group hosted its first workshop last Saturday at the home of Cindy Streett. Eleven neighbors gathered for a 3-hour hands-on demonstration of no-cost and low-cost energy-saving techniques taught by Clean Energy Durham Super Trainer volunteers Diana Peronis and Robert Kamara.

Neighbors caulked and weatherstripped and learned simple do-it-yourself ways to save money on their energy bills. “My favorite part of the workshop was learning which kind of caulk is best to put around window frames to prevent drafts,” remarked host Cindy Streett.

Congratulations to Woodcroft neighbors for getting organized to save energy!

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Morehead Hill Clean Energy Forward workshop

Super Trainer Robert shows neighbors in Morehead Hill how to clean coils underneath a refrigerator.

Last week Joe and Sarah Hensley hosted a Clean Energy Forward workshop at their home in Morehead Hill. The Saturday morning workshop was led by Super Trainers Robert and Brian.

The Super Trainers showed the group of 12 neighbors how to clean the coils beneath the refrigerator by swiping a large pipe cleaner underneath it. Joe Hensley had the honor of cleaning the coils, and everyone was amazed at how much dust was removed from beneath the fridge. Joe joked that he had deliberately left the dirt there so that people could see just how dirty the area could get. Dirty coils make the appliance use more energy to keep food cold, so regular cleaning saves money.

The group also applied foam insulation to pipes, cleaned out the vent on the dryer, and went throughout the house with caulking guns in hand to seal up cracks and crevices in windows and places where plumbing comes through the flooring, such as under the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms and around the windowsills. In the second floor bathroom, guests noticed that the Hensleys had already placed a full water bottle inside the tank of the toilet to reduce the amount of water required per flush.

Robert and Brian also demonstrated the impact of specific appliances by using a PowerCost monitor to compare the base electricity use in the house with the amount of electricity used when a variety of appliances were switched on.

The group also helped insert a plastic air flow redirector in the floor in the kitchen beneath the newly installed cabinets in order to redirect the hot air from the basement furnace.

Thanks to the Hensleys and their great neighbors from Morehead Hill for learning skills to teach other neighbors!

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Apply now to be a home energy Super Trainer

Last year's Super Trainers receive their diplomas. They now lead home energy efficiency workshops across Durham.

Clean Energy Durham is seeking energetic and committed individuals to be trained as Super Trainers: volunteers who teach easy do-it-yourself home energy-saving project techniques to other neighborhood volunteers. If you like to do hands-on projects and enjoy teaching others, this is a great volunteer opportunity. You will receive over 15 hours of training that will prepare you to assist and lead instruction at our energy workshops. This is also a great way to become more involved in Clean Energy Durham activities and work closely with Durham residents.

Applications are open Feb. 1, 2010 through Feb.19, 2010, so apply now: see our main page for more details and to download the application.

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