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Celebrate Earth Day 2014

Celebrate Earth Day 2014 by hosting your own Hands On Workshop with Clean Energy Durham this April.  Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Pick a date in April to host your workshop.
  2. Contact Clean Energy Durham and reserve your Elite Pete® for that day.
  3. Invite your neighbors and friends over to your house for a workshop.
  4. Have a great time with your neighbors and friends learning about easy, affordable (some are even free!) ways to save energy around your house.

It’s just that easy!  During the workshop, you and your neighbors will learn easy-to-do activities  as well as find out how simple changes in behavior can save you lots of energy and money in your home.  Everyone there will learn and do at least three energy-saving activities that they can then repeat in their own home. 

Read our other blogs posts or check out our website to get an idea of what happens in our Hands On Workshops.  To schedule your own workshop, contact Ann at 919-323-3244 or

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Turn out the lights!

Check out the fabulous video that Green Opportunities, our wonderful Pete Street® partner, in Asheville, NC made.

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Get $450 in Duke Energy Smart $aver Rebates

Smart $aver

Duke Energy provides up to $450 in rebates to North Carolina customers through their Smart $aver® Incentive Program who insulate and seal their homes using a contractor on the participating contractor list.  Visit Duke Energy’s website or call 866-785-6209 for more information.

Air sealing with foam in attic.

Air sealing is one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency improvements you can to your home—decreasing energy costs and improving comfort!

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing $250
Duct Sealing $100
Duct Insulation $75

Check out these other Smart $aver® Incentive Programs.

Mug Shot (10.27.08)

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Save Energy & Money!

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Now that the New Year is well under way, why not take a moment to think about making some real changes to your energy habits this year.  Consider attending a 1-hr Basic Energy Eduction Workshop or a 90-minute Hands-On Workshop to learn do-it-yourself projects to save energy and money.  Contact us for more information about workshops in Durham, NC; Wilson, NC; Siler City, NC; or Warren County, NC at

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Energy Star Qualified Product Tax Holiday – Nov. 2-4

The first weekend of November once again brings us the annual tax holiday on certain Energy Star Qualified products.  During Friday-Sunday, November 2-4, these products will be exempt from both state and local sales taxes:

  1. Clothes washers;
  2. Freezers & refrigerators;
  3. Central air conditioners & room air conditioners;
  4. Air-source heat pumps;
  5. Ceiling fans;
  6. Dehumidifiers; and
  7. Programmable thermostats.

This list is all-inclusive.  For more details.

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Family Summer Fun Can Mean Energy Savings

Now that the oppressive heat and humidity of mid-summer are upon us, we need to find ways to stay comfortable yet not pay a fortune on cooling. There are two basic ways to save, 1) turn up your thermostat to 78°F or higher most of the time, and 2) stay out of the house and raise the thermostat or turn off the air conditioning altogether (this applies to window units as well)!

Here are some things I do during the hottest part of the day (around 1-5pm)…

  1. I take myself…I mean the kids…to the pool—we could spend hours and hours there!
  2. I go shopping (or better yet, window shopping)—if a grocery store, indoor shopping mall, shop, or restaurant is already going to be cooled, I figure I might as well take advantage of that cool air rather than cool my home!  Eating out avoids the hot oven or stove from heating your house up further.
  3. I go to work—going to work AND turning up the thermostat or turning the air conditioning off altogether can save significantly on cooling costs.
  4. I go to the library—public libraries are a great replacement for the home office on hot days.  The library will already be cool, so I might as well enjoy it along with energy savings by turning off my air conditioning at home.
  5. I go to museums—there are several in the Triangle, Duke Homestead in Durham is free, and at least two in Raleigh are free (NC Museum of Natural Sciences and NC Museum of History)!


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Beat the 100° Heat!

Does the 100°+ heat have you down?  Are you dreading those summer electric bills?  Well here are some great tips on how to save energy.

  1. When you are away at work or out of the house turn up your thermostat to 78° or more to save.
  2. Better yet, install a programmable thermostat AND program it to adjust up and down as needed.
  3. Use fans to cool your body, but remember fans cool people not rooms, so turn them off when you leave a room.
  4. Close binds/shades on the south and west-facing sides of your home.
  5. Cook outside on a grill and avoid cooking with the hot oven or cook top.
  6. Get out of the house!  Hot days are a great time to go swimming.   Do indoor activities such as going to a museum, to a movie, grocery shopping, or to a shopping center.

Now, tell us some energy-saving actions and activities you do in the summer to save money and beat the heat!

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