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Two days left for a FREE $25 restaurant gift card and cool transit info!

If you live in one of these neighborhoods, you're eligible to receive a free $25 gift card to & order free transit info.

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Offer applicable if you live in: Trinity Park, Watts Hillandale, Northgate Park, Duke Park, Old West Durham, Lakewood Park, Tuscaloosa Lakewood, West End, Lyon Park, Morehead Hill, Burch Ave, Cleveland Holloway, or Old Five Points.

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Making Big Changes in Lakewood Park

A Lakewood Park couple, Laura and Todd, recently attended a Clean Energy Forward Workshop in Southwest Central Durham. After the workshop they really got down to business applying the things they learned in the workshop to their own home. This is what they’ve done so far:

• installed insulators in all outdoor wall outlets
• installed weather stripping on their doors
• insulated pipes
• wrapped their hot water heater
• cleaned under their refrigerator
• cleaned the dryer vents
• bought, installed, and are now using a programmable thermostat
• changed all their light bulbs to CFLs
• put their TV on a power strip
• put a watering can under their air conditioning unit to use the excess water on plants
• are now using a rain barrel.

Laura and Todd were so excited about what they learned that they have begun sharing this information with their neighbors. What a great example of neighbors helping neighbors save energy.

Stay tuned for another blog down the road about how much Laura and Todd are actually saving!

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Reducing a $500 Gas Bill in Lakewood Park

Super Trainer Brian talks to neighbors in Lakewood Park. Photo by Jesse Lamarre-Vincent.

Did you know that having a freezer on the bottom of the refrigerator unit is actually more energy efficient? Along with keeping the fridge full (either with food or water filled gallon jugs), a bottom-shelf freezer is one of the energy saving ideas Lakewood Park neighbors learned last weekend. Hosted by Jim Wisner and Dana Iglesias, Lakewood Park neighbors gathered on Chapel Hill Road to learn about energy efficiency.

Jim and Dana are relatively new to the neighborhood, and are interested in meeting more of their neighbors and building community. This winter, they faced gas bills of up to $500 a month. To improve their home’s energy efficiency, Super Trainers Brian Schneiderman and Robert Kamara helped them find and plug drafty spots around the front door and the upstairs windows, and taught them about programmable thermostats. The Super Trainers also explained programmable thermostats as a good way to increase efficiency and save money. After learning about the money-saving benefits of a programmable thermostat, one neighbor said, “I want one!”

Big thanks to Jim and Dana and the Lakewood Park neighbors!

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