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Back to School Bike Tune-Up Saturday

Welcome neighbors of Watts Hospital-Hillandale and Old West Durham to yet another bike event at Oval Park on August 20th!

If your family’s bikes need a tune-up before school starts, this is the time.  Bicycle Transportation Trainer, Teddy Salazar, will be at your service to help make your rides smooth and safe.  Speaking of ‘smooth,’ there will be free smoothies to anyone who hops on and blend it themselves with our fabulous bike blenders!

Hope to see you at Oval Park, August 20th 10am-12pm!


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Hop Sip & Ride – Old West Durham

The Hop Sip & Ride made a fashionable comeback in Old West Durham at the end of June.  A crew of a dozen neighbors met at the bus stop at Hillsborough Road and Rutherford Street to catch the #11 DATA bus to Durham Station.  The neighborhood bus stop is but a stone’s throw from the Locopops located on Hillsborough Road, a nice stop on the way on a hot summer’s day.  The Old West Durhamites went to the West End Wine Bar on Main Street to relax and enjoy a glass of wine and nice company.  On the way back, some of the neighbors stopped at a bus stop close to their friendly neighborhood bar, Dain’s Place on Ninth Street.

To plan your next trip by bus, go to Please contact if you are interested in this kind of event in your neighborhood.


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Stephen Mullaney: Teacher, Father, Musician by Bike

If you wish you could bicycle but don’t think you have the time, Stephen Mullaney has all sorts of short-cuts through Duke and Durham he’d be happy to teach other folks who live in Old West Durham.  His short-cuts often enable him to make better time than a car.

Likewise, if you have wondered how to bicycle with your children, groceries, musical instruments or more, Stephen would also happily share his time-tested tricks with you. “When we had our daughter Maria all our friends said, ‘ah, you won’t be able to bike anymore.’” Despite the predictions, Stephen and his wife got a used bike trailer for their daughter and kept on bicycling.  Now their daughter sits in a chair Stephen built on their Xtracycle, a bicycle extension that makes carrying cargo or people a breeze.  Although their daughter outgrew it, the old trailer does not go to waste.  These days Stephen uses it to haul his guitar and his wife’s drum set when they play music gigs around Durham with their band, the Wigg Report.

Sometimes, when the weather is dreadful, Stephen will take advantage of the new, free Bull City Connector to take his daughter to the library.  “My daughter loves the bus,” he said.

Stephen sees a lot of potential for other residents of Old West Durham to walk, bicycle, or ride the bus more.  He’s a neighborhood resource and would love to help other Old West Durham residents learn to feel comfortable biking or riding the bus.


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Two days left for a FREE $25 restaurant gift card and cool transit info!

If you live in one of these neighborhoods, you're eligible to receive a free $25 gift card to & order free transit info.

ORDER BY July 1st if you live in the highlighted areas in the map above!

Order at

The first households to respond get a free $25 gift certificate to, which you can use in lots of great local places. Contact Jessalee at with questions.

Offer applicable if you live in: Trinity Park, Watts Hillandale, Northgate Park, Duke Park, Old West Durham, Lakewood Park, Tuscaloosa Lakewood, West End, Lyon Park, Morehead Hill, Burch Ave, Cleveland Holloway, or Old Five Points.

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Commuters in Action: Riding to School

Are you considering bike commuting but having a hard time working up the motivation? We’re inspired here at Clean Energy Durham by Lars and Siri Oehler, who are all-season, all-weather bike commuters. They ride with their dad, Michael, and their friend Henry and his dad, Jeff Lilly. Lars and Henry ride their bikes to EK Powe Elementary (which serves Old West Durham and Watts-Hillandale) in rain or shine, winter or summer. When Siri starts kindergarten next year, she’ll join them – for now, she enjoys the view from a seat on the back of dad’s bike.

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Old West Durham Hop, Sip & Ride

Neighbors from Old West Durham board a hybrid DATA bus at Durham Station after a night out on the town.

Last weekend, neighbors in Old West Durham enjoyed a trip downtown without the hassles of traffic or parking. They simply hopped on DATA bus #11 on Hillsborough Street, took the bus straight downtown (all routes end at the beautiful new Durham Station in the heart of downtown Durham), and enjoyed a night out together at the West End Wine bar. Two neighbors played their guitars for the bus riders, and the driver turned his speakers on so all the bus drivers could enjoy the music.

When they night was over, they strolled back to the bus station for a leisurely ride home (almost every bus leaves on the hour and half hour, so it’s easy to plan a trip home).

Check out more pictures on the OWDNA Facebook page. The neighborhood association hopes to make the Hop, Sip & Ride an annual event. Thanks to the neighbors who planned the event!

To plan your next trip by bus, go to or contact for personalized trip planning advice.

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