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Ms. Mary Odum’s Energy Blessing

Ms. Mary Odom heard about the Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program (NERP) from her neighbor, but she didn’t qualify for the program because she had a gas heater that she used for emergencies and she wanted to keep it.  Ms. Odom had a Hands-On Workshop in her home where volunteers demonstrated several low-cost and no-cost energy-saving techniques.  Ms. Odom requested her free compact fluorescent light bulbs from Duke Energy and she made sure to turn off all of her lights and unplug her appliances when she wasn’t using them.  Ms. Odom told Clean Energy Durham,

“The energy program is a blessing because when I got the information about this extra savings strategy that’s how I realized the savings.  It was good to talk about the [power] strips because I did not know about that, and I did not know that I was supposed to clean the refrigerator coils or the dryer vent.  It was good to learn all of that and after a while, you become conscious of it.  This month I used 674 kWh and last year I used 752 kWh during the same month.  My average energy bill was usually $150-200 month in the summertime and last month it was $61.83.  Since I made the low cost repairs, my bill has not been more than $90.  You see how it changed, don’t you?  By changing my habits and applying the no cost techniques on how to save energy, that has helped me a lot.  Even in the hottest months I did not go to $100.  To me that was a blessing.  It gives me extra money to do something else with—I bought a camera last time.” 


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Another Satisfied Resident of Fisher Heights

This is what one satisfied resident of Fisher Heights told us after getting her home energy retrofit as part of the City’s Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program:

“We had the retrofit completed and are so very satisfied. Our home is so much cooler and uses less energy. Air flow is even. It’s hard to believe it’s the same house. Last year at this time, we had to turn our thermostat to 65° in order to be cool. Since the retrofit, we turn it to 75° and it’s perfectly cool. I can hardly wait to see our next light bill.

“The programmable thermostat is wonderful to have! Clean Energy Durham is to be complimented. You did a great job in getting word out about the project and stayed connected with residents ‘every step of the way.’  Additionally, the contractors were very professional.”

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NERP Volunteers Learn Basic Energy Efficiency Skills


Volunteers get trained in basic energy efficiency


Our Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program (NERP) Basic Energy Education, Train-the-Trainer (BEE-TTT) workshops have been a roaring success!  Volunteers from the NERP neighborhoods got a basic education lesson in energy efficiency that they then taught to their neighbors.

A Fisher Heights volunteer learned a lot from her BEE-TTT workshop—she went home and tried doing some projects—here is what she had to say:

“After the workshop I went home and shut down my computer, I didn’t realize that I was turning off my phone too because they were hooked up together.”

“I wanted to clean the coils on my refrigerator but I can’t see them from the bottom of the refrigerator.”

“I want to use the PowerCost Monitor at my house.”

“I would like to host the NERP Do-It-Yourself workshop.”

The DIY workshop will be a great opportunity for this volunteer and her Fisher Heights neighbors to have the first two comments addressed—keep an open ear for the DIY workshops in February and March 2011.


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Announcing City NERP Phase II: Under Way Already!

We’re excited to announce that the City of Durham has selected five neighborhoods to participate in Phase II of the Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program (NERP): Fisher Heights, Northgate Park, Trinity Park, Parkwood, and Morehead Hill/West End (these two neighborhoods applied together). The initial meeting for the neighborhood volunteers who will serve as the liaisons for their neighborhood was held this week. Liaisons learned more detailed information about the NERP program requirements, and CED staff reviewed program documents with the volunteers and answered neighborhood liaison questions. We’re excited to hear more ideas from volunteers on how to increase neighborhood involvement!

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