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Organizing a Neighborhood Energy Party

Photo: Kathy Malloy gives a presentation on energy efficiency to her neighbors.

If you invited your neighbors to your house to review their electric bill and to talk about saving energy how many do you think would come? Neighborhood energy parties are a key activity used by Clean Energy Durham to increase energy awareness and to build neighborhood organizations.  Organizing an energy party in a neighborhood that’s never had one before requires a little patience, as Kathy Malloy discovered in her Fayetteville Street neighborhood. Kathy attended several Clean Energy Durham training sessions and is committed to working with her neighbors to train as many neighbors in energy savings as she can.

A week before hosting her energy party, Kathy drafted a flyer and left it on the doors of about sixteen neighbors. During the week she talked with three of her neighbors about the event. On the very rainy Saturday morning of the meeting she redistributed flyers for the 3:00 pm meeting. After that she made caramel apples for her anticipated guests.

Kathy and another volunteer made preparations for the 3:00 meeting. It was 3:15 when the first neighbor from across the street knocked on the door to attend the meeting. Three attendees munched peanuts and sipped on Cokes as Kathy presented no-cost and low-cost energy saving strategies with the aid of a tabletop flip chart provided by Clean Energy Durham. By the end of their 75 minute fellowship, the trio agreed energy was a great tool to reengage their neighbors. Kathy and her guests agreed to initiate an email dialogue to engage neighbors in a discussion around energy issues to find out what kind of energy activities would interest them.  The attendees took home a sweet smelling caramel apple as they departed under the gray, but dry, sky.

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