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Judy Kincaid Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Our very own Judy Kincaid was honored with the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) Lifetime Achievement Award for her work as Clean Energy Durham’s founding Executive Director.  She has spent many tireless hours building the organization with the mission of helping to move America toward cleaner and safer energy by creating and educating organizations of neighbors helping neighbors.  Judy, we are proud of all you have done—you deserve this award!

Check out media coverage, here, here, here in the Durham Herald Sun.

-Clean Energy Durham Staff

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Andrew’s Parting Thoughts

On September 7th, I was offered the position of being the Community Outreach Intern at Clean Energy Durham throughout my sophomore year at NCCU, thanks to a grant from the State Energy Office.  My first impression was WOW!!!!  Coming into this internship position, I knew very little about saving energy.  I had to catch on quickly because I hit the ground running.  I had to read articles, books, blogs, and documents pertaining to saving energy and why it is so important.

This internship gave me an opportunity to enter the world of clean energy.  In today’s world, everyone wants to “go green” and energy efficiency is a constantly growing market.  This internship not only introduced me to the world of saving energy, but it also increased my skills in communication.  As the Community Outreach Intern, I have had to communicate well with the people in neighborhoods around Durham.  This internship has also increased my time management skills.

This internship has been a blessing to have in my life.  The things that I’ve learned from Clean Energy Durham will stay with me, no matter what industry I may choose in the future.


Thanks, Andrew!   We will miss you, and good luck!

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Is the Climate Getting Warmer or Is It Just Hot Yoga?

If you have ever wanted to try a hot yoga class, now is the opportunity to try it and also benefit Clean Energy Durham.  Join me at Bikram Yogo Studio at Golden Belt (807 E. Main St.) for a beginner’s hot yoga class at 4:00 pm on Friday, April 20 at no fee.  It’s a “Karma Yoga” class, where you make a donation (suggested is $10) and all donations for this class go to Clean Energy Durham.

What is Bikram hot yoga?  It is a 90-minute sequence of 26 Hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room to stretch and strengthen every muscle, tendon, ligament, gland, joint, and organ in the body. The room is heated to 105°F to promote deep stretching, rapid detoxification, and increased heart rate for a cardiovascular workout.

For more information see


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Meet Shaneese Little

Shaneese is one of our new community outreach Fellows.  She is a public health education associate at North Carolina Central University, and her Fellowship at Clean Energy Durham is funded by the State Energy Office. She has been part of the team since March 5th and has shared wonderful ideas on how to recruit participants for the Clean Energy Durham Hands-On Workshops held in Warren County.

Shaneese is originally from Oxon Hill, MD and she said of her work in Warren County, “Being a city girl, Warren County was a new experience for me because I am used to seeing houses close and compact and it was different working in an environment where houses are about a mile apart.”  Understanding how people operate in rural areas was a new challenge for her, and she immediately became interested in wanting to bring information to the residents in this area.

For the past 3 weeks she and the community outreach team have made numerous trips to Warren County to attend different events.  At a recent event, residents recognized her and greeted her with welcome arms.  “Warren County residents seem to be leery of outsiders at first,” she says, “but my goal is to make an impact big enough to encourage some alterations.”

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Goodbye to Clif!

We often talk in the office about the Clean Energy Durham magic!  One way this manifests is in the exceptional volunteers that come to our door.  One of the best volunteers we have had the pleasure to work with has been Clif Crandell.  He just left on a hiking trip in Spain, and two weeks ago was his last day.  Clif volunteered many hours to our office over the last 6 months.  During his time here, Clif solved many problems, suggested creative solutions to others, made us laugh, and became a friend.  Thank you, Clif, for your commitment, your loyalty, and your energy.  We will miss you—have a great trip!

–From all of the Clean Energy Durham Staff

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Bringing the Family Along for the Energy-Saving Ride

I could see the question coming at the workshop before she asked it.  “All these energy saving tips make perfect sense to me.  Of course I’ll go home and make sure my fridge is full so it doesn’t have to work so hard.  I’ll turn off lights when I leave the room.  I’ll look at windows and doors and seal any cracks.  I might even track down a refrigerator brush and clean the refrigerator coils.  There’s dog hair galore under there forcing my fridge to work harder. But…drumroll…“how do I get my kids to change their habits?”

I breathed a sigh of relief.  It’s not just my kid who opens the fridge door and scans the contents, waiting for inspiration to strike.  Waiting as cool air streams out the door.  Waiting as his mother taps her foot impatiently, hoping THIS time he’ll make a quick decision and close the door. What if l were to walk in his shoes and notice the obstacles?  A refrigerator chock-full of food and drink may make it harder to see what’s really in there. What if I organize it better, so he knows the leftovers are on one shelf, the peanut butter and jelly on another, the milk and juice and yogurt on another?  What if, gasp, I kept a list on the door and asked him to check that first? I bet if I did that would also help us waste less food, another goal high on my list.  I bet if I expend a little more energy organizing the fridge chaos, he’d come along for the ride and get in and out of the fridge more quickly.  It’s worth a shot.


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More Partnering in Northeast Central Durham

Vicki Sneed joined the staff of Clean Energy Durham in September as the Neighborhood Outreach Specialist for Northeast Central Durham. A resident of that neighborhood, Vicki has a Masters in Social Work from North Carolina Central University and has over 10 years of experience in community outreach in Durham. Vicki is working 15 hours a week with Clean Energy Durham while continuing her administrative work at the downtown Durham YMCA, where she is a Human Resources Specialist.

Vicki’s neighborhood outreach work with Clean Energy Durham is funded through a grant from Piedmont Conservation Council and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, a program of the US Department of Agriculture.  This program was interested in promoting innovative approaches that could serve as a catalyst for additional projects that incorporate energy saving components.  Clean Energy Durham is excited about bringing more partners to its neighborhood outreach program!

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