Cliff Dyer: Taking the Trail to Work

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When Cliff Dyer moved from North Carolina for a short-term work assignment in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he lived only one block from where he was working.   Naturally, living this close to work, he walked or bicycled to work and enjoyed the quality of life benefits of commuting without a car.  When he moved back to North Carolina and bought a home in Cleveland-Holloway (partially because of its proximity to downtown) he looked into how he could get to work at UNC without his car.

UNC made it easy for him to decide his mode of transit by giving him a free Triangle Transit bus pass when he joined their Commuter Alternative Program (CAP).  He soon found that, by taking his bike on the bus, he could have an enjoyable ride home on nice days and get some exercise at the same time.

Now Cliff works in South Durham, where he can take the American Tobacco Trail most of the way to work.  He is able to commute by bicycle about three times per week.  He says a lot of people are surprised when they hear he commutes to a job in South Durham by bicycle, but for the skeptics, he has some advice.

  • Don’t sweat it: Cliff just wears regular clothes and doesn’t gear up (aside from a helmet).  He looks really stylish on his bike, much more how Europeans ride around (as seen in this NY Times article).  It does not take him long to cool off in the air conditioning at work.
  • Downplay road rage: There is less animosity between bicycles and cars than many people think.  Most of the interaction he has with cars on his bike is drivers asking him for directions at stop-lights.
  • Feel a daily connection: You get to engage with people in a way that is not possible by car.  There are people on his route to work that he feels he knows just by waving each day as he bicycles by.  When he drives he is just another anonymous person going past.

If you are thinking about riding to work but are avoiding the commitment because of the pile of gear you think you need to buy, talk to Cliff.  He will talk you through how to commute around in style!

Contact to be connected with Cliff.

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