Bringing the Family Along for the Energy-Saving Ride

October 21, 2010 at 2:29 pm Leave a comment

I could see the question coming at the workshop before she asked it.  “All these energy saving tips make perfect sense to me.  Of course I’ll go home and make sure my fridge is full so it doesn’t have to work so hard.  I’ll turn off lights when I leave the room.  I’ll look at windows and doors and seal any cracks.  I might even track down a refrigerator brush and clean the refrigerator coils.  There’s dog hair galore under there forcing my fridge to work harder. But…drumroll…“how do I get my kids to change their habits?”

I breathed a sigh of relief.  It’s not just my kid who opens the fridge door and scans the contents, waiting for inspiration to strike.  Waiting as cool air streams out the door.  Waiting as his mother taps her foot impatiently, hoping THIS time he’ll make a quick decision and close the door. What if l were to walk in his shoes and notice the obstacles?  A refrigerator chock-full of food and drink may make it harder to see what’s really in there. What if I organize it better, so he knows the leftovers are on one shelf, the peanut butter and jelly on another, the milk and juice and yogurt on another?  What if, gasp, I kept a list on the door and asked him to check that first? I bet if I did that would also help us waste less food, another goal high on my list.  I bet if I expend a little more energy organizing the fridge chaos, he’d come along for the ride and get in and out of the fridge more quickly.  It’s worth a shot.


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