Make Lasting Energy Change

April 13, 2010 at 5:59 pm Leave a comment

Breaking habits and changing behavior present a difficult challenge for most of us. Many of you can confirm that as you participated in a Clean Energy Forward™ workshop your brain was scanning all of the ways you could save energy in your own home, but when you got home you were confronted with a myriad of other realities and put the energy saving ideas on the back burner. After the workshop, don’t change too much too fast. Take your time and know that you are making a lifetime energy change, not short-term energy fixes. Document your change and track your energy as your first task.Even minor savings will motivate you to initiate the next change strategy. The key is to be consistent once you start the change process. Tracking also lets you compare your energy with that of your neighbors.

We all know that saving energy is saving money, but don’t do it just for the money. Saving energy has a higher, more significant purpose. Saving energy is the right thing to do. How great will you feel when your neighbor helps you save more energy and when you in turn help another neighbor begin saving energy?

If you haven’t had a Clean Energy Forward™ workshop, talk to a few neighbors and plan one today! What strategies do you use to motivate yourself to make changes?

-Lenora Smith, Community Outreach Director

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